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Barnefilmfestivalen 2011

Nordische Filmtage Lübeck 2011

Kaunas International Film Festival 2011

Kjoler, Mødre, Døtre


From the catalog of the Latvian Film Institute:

A story of two 13 year-old girls - Paula lives in Auce, Latvia, while Nadin resides in Tönsberg, Norway. Both girls try to control their clothing, hairstyle and outer appearance to the utmost detail, since this is the most visible signboard of their life. The inspecting atmosphere of a Latvian small town surrounds Paula, whereas Nadin regards clothes as a natural follow-up to playtime, and experiments with her image.

In the film, the girls’ clothing is a metaphor, which stands for their inner searches and changes.

Title Kjoler, Mødre, Døtre

Documentary, HD 1080p, colour, stereo, 52’

Director Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen

Screenplay Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen Cinematographer Andrejs Verhoustinskis

                               Trond jacobsen

Original Music Kārlis Auzāns

Sound Klāvs Siliņš

Editor Julie Vinten

Producer Trond Jacobsen

Co-producer Guntis Trekteris

Production Company Bivrost film & TV (Norway) Co-production with Ego Media (Latvia)

Released 2010

Support    Nacionalais Kino Centers, Latvia

                  Fond For Lyd og Bilde, Norway

                  Fritt Ord, Norway




Regissør Ilze og Paula i latvisk ungdomsmagasin.

Trailer (latvisk) på YouTube